Our Services

  1. Advice and consultancy
    Whether buying a new device or upgrading an existing one, identifying your actual needs is a key factor for making a good decision. Fit for purpose is the key term to get a solution that will perform as you expect it to, without stepping out of your budget. A common mistake is getting an over-featured system, that is either too complicated to use or simply not fully utilized because you don't need half of its features (but you will still be paying for them). Properly identifying the Fit-For-Purpose system will get you a system that will do everything you need it to, while only paying for what you need. Let us help and guide you through the process, from finding out what you need, through customizing the new system with the best hardware your budget can get and offering the right software solution to suite your needs.
  2. Hardware solutions and upgrades
    We can source out the right hardware devices for your needs. Be it PCs, laptops, smartphones and other gadgets, we can get you a new one that suits your needs, repair your faulty one or upgrade your current existing device. Disk drives, broken screens, RAM expansion - if it has anything to do with computers we can probably sort it out for you.
  3. Virus removal and security enhancement
    No antivirus provides 100% protection. A safe computer is one which is turned off, unplugged and locked away in a fire and water proof safe. Once turned on, a computer is vulnerable by design. Connected to a network, this vulnerability increases exponentially. Achieving good security level require both software and user education. When it comes to security, the weakest link is the user. if the user is not familiar with basic security concepts he/she can easily allow malware and hackers to bypass any software safeguards. We will remove malware from your infected device and help you establish a secure system by combining suitable software with proper education and training, teaching you how to be safer and less likely to get infected in the future.
  4. Software solutions and upgrades
    For every task you may need to do on a computer, there are probably a dozen software products you could use to do it with. They all have different features, capabilities, system requirements and prices. In order to make a wise choice of software tool you need to process tons of technical information,do comparisons and evaluate the pros and cons of each. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused trying to do this without prior knowledge. Let Flat Possum do the digging for you and help you find the best product to suit your needs.
  5. Troubleshooting and repairs
    Computers are extremely complex machines. They can go wrong in thousands different ways, and they do. From physical damage due to impact, power surge or liquid exposure, to software problems that cause some annoying slow performance or a complete system crash, Flat Possum has the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair most of this problems. We repair broken screens (smartphones, i-things, laptops and tablets), laptop keyboards and other hardware components. Let us have a look before you send your computer away for a lengthy and expensive repair in a remote lab.
  6. Data recovery
    Lost important files due to a system crash/virus/accidental deletion or other catastrophe? FIRST THING: DO NOT USE THE DEVICE WHICH HELD THE DATA THAT'S BEEN LOST! KEEP IT TURNED OFF UNTIL SEEN BY AN EXPERT. There may still be hope! Let us have a look and do a free assessment for you. Depending on the data loss circumstances, files may still be recoverable.
  7. Password recovery
    Locked out of your device? Depending on the case specific details, we may be able to get you back in without losing data. Contact us for more details.